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Top 20 E-Vehicle Component Manufacturers in the USA

Looking to join the electrifying ride of sustainable transportation? Well, buckle up and prepare for a jolt of humor as we dive into the electrifying world of electric vehicles! In this blog post, we’re about to unleash the top 20 EV component manufacturers powering the future. From batteries that have more juice than your morning smoothie to motors that’ll rev up your excitement, these companies are the true MVPs of the electric vehicle game. And it’s not just about the hardware! We’ll also uncover the hidden heroes behind the scenes—the brilliant minds crafting charging stations that’ll make you say, “Plug me in, Scotty!”

Components used in electric vehicles
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But hold on folks! It’s not all nuts and volts. We’ll sprinkle in some electrifying fun by unraveling the latest trends in electric vehicle technology. Think software so smart it’ll give your GPS a run for its money and features so cool they’ll make you feel like you’re driving a futuristic spaceship. So, whether you’re a curious consumer eager to ride the electric wave or an aspiring entrepreneur ready to charge up your career, this blog post is your ticket to uncovering the secrets behind the companies making electric vehicles a reality. Get ready for a wild and watt-filled journey through the electrified roads of innovation! Disclaimer: No electric eels were harmed during the writing of this electrifying blog post.

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List of Top EV Component Manufacturers:

1. EV West:

EV West is a renowned company specializing in electric vehicle conversions and components. They are offering electric vehicle conversion kits, motors, batteries, and other components for various vehicle models. EV West’s expertise lies in retrofitting conventional vehicles with electric drivetrains.

2. FellTen (Zero EV):

Fellten Formar known as Zero EV is a UK-based company that specializes in manufacturing electric vehicle components and provides related training to people who want to join the related field. They mainly specialize in selling ICE to electric vehicle conversion kits, but they have a large inventory of components used in making electric vehicles.

3. EV source:

As the name suggests “EV Source” they have every essential component that’s used in making an EV, they have Li-ion batteries, BMS, Connectors, Motors, and all sorts of the things required in making an EV. Based in the US they are one of the most prominent EV component manufacturers.

4. Electric GT:

Based in the Netherlands this company is providing a full EV swap solution for any ICE-based car. They usually sell a full package of EV swap systems where you get all the essential components like connectors, motors, batteries, BMS, etc. along with the software required. They have various packages for different car models.

5. EV Drive:

Based in Portland this company is inspired by the making of Tesla’s electric car, and from there the founder of EV Drive got the motivation to build an empire that supplies the components to make high-performance electric vehicles like Tesla.

6. ReVolt System:

Canada-based EV component maker reVolt System mainly expertise in making the electric drive train and conversion kits. But along with that the company also sells the Tesla electric car’s spare parts.

7. CanEV:

The Canada-based company CanEV they are doing serious business, they sell every component required to build an EV. From a small nut bolt to the battery that runs the vehicle, CanEV has everything you need.

8. QuantumScape:

QuantumScape is at the forefront of revolutionizing electric vehicle battery technology with its groundbreaking products. Their solid-state batteries offer significant advancements in energy density, safety, and charging speed, paving the way for electric vehicles with longer ranges and faster charging times.

9. BorgWarner:

From high-performance electric drivetrains and motors to intelligent thermal management systems, BorgWarner plays a vital role in enhancing the overall driving experience and sustainability of electric vehicles.

10. Eaton Corporation:

From advanced power electronics and energy management systems to efficient charging infrastructure solutions, Eaton Corporation is driving the development and adoption of electric vehicles.

11. Panasonic:

From high-performance batteries and battery management systems to innovative charging solutions, Panasonic empowers the growth of electric vehicles by enhancing their range, reliability, and charging capabilities.

12. LG Energy Solution:

LG Energy Solution is a prominent player in the electric vehicle industry, offering a diverse range of innovative products that contribute to the development and success of electric mobility. Their high-performance lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions provide increased range, reliability, and efficiency to electric vehicles, while also enabling sustainable energy storage for various applications.

13. Aptiv:

Aptiv is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the electric vehicle industry, offering a comprehensive range of products that drive innovation and enhance the performance of electric vehicles. Their expertise lies in developing cutting-edge electrical architectures, advanced safety systems, and autonomous driving technologies that make electric vehicles safer, more efficient, and more intelligent.

14. Continental AG:

Continental AG is a renowned global technology company that plays a crucial role in the electric vehicle market, offering a wide range of innovative products that drive the advancement of electric mobility. Their expertise spans various areas, including electric powertrains, advanced driver assistance systems, and intelligent connectivity solutions.

15. Magna International:

Magna International is a leading global automotive technology company that is actively shaping the future of electric mobility. Their extensive product portfolio includes advanced electric vehicle systems, such as electric drivetrains, battery systems, and power electronics. Magna’s innovative solutions contribute to the increased performance, efficiency, and range of electric vehicles, while also integrating seamless connectivity and intelligent features.

16. Lear Corporation:

Lear Corporation is a prominent global supplier of automotive seating and electrical systems, with a strong focus on innovation in the electric vehicle sector. Their extensive product portfolio includes advanced seating solutions specifically designed for electric vehicles, incorporating lightweight materials and ergonomic designs to maximize comfort and interior space. Lear’s electrical systems expertise encompasses high-voltage distribution, connectivity, and electronic control modules, facilitating the efficient integration and operation of electric vehicle components.

17. Silicon Labs:

Silicon Labs is a leading provider of innovative semiconductor solutions for the electric vehicle industry. Silicon Labs’ expertise lies in areas such as power management, wireless connectivity, and sensor solutions, which are vital for enhancing the performance, safety, and connectivity of electric vehicles.

18. TE Connectivity:

TE Connectivity is a trusted provider of advanced connectivity and sensor solutions for the electric vehicle industry. Their broad range of products includes connectors, sensors, and cables that enable efficient power transmission, data communication, and control within electric vehicles. TE Connectivity’s expertise in electrical and electronic connectivity ensures reliable and high-performance connections, supporting the seamless integration of various components and systems.

19. Hyllion:

Hyllion is a dynamic company specializing in sustainable transportation solutions, particularly focused on electrifying the trucking industry. They offer innovative electrification products, including hybrid and fully electric powertrain systems for commercial vehicles. Hyllion’s advanced technologies improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and enhance the overall performance of trucks.

20. Gentherm:

Gentherm is a leading provider of advanced thermal management solutions for the electric vehicle industry. Their innovative products, such as electric heating and cooling systems, contribute to the optimal temperature control of electric vehicles, enhancing their efficiency and comfort. Gentherm’s cutting-edge technologies enable efficient battery thermal management, ensuring optimal performance and extending battery life in electric vehicles.

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So these were the top 20 companies manufacturing components used in electric vehicles. Now to gain a deeper understanding about each manufacturer you can explore their website and read about them.

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