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Eldebo Electric Deck Boat: Range, Top Speed – All Details

Eldebo Electric Deck boat at a glance:

The Eldebo Electric Deck Boat, also known as an ELDEBO PONTOON, offers a wide selection of model options for boating enthusiasts. With new design pontoons that slice through the water and improved features, they provide better stability and keep you on course. The Eldebo Electric Deck Boat is versatile, offering various drive options such as tiller drive, front or rear drive, foot control bow mount drive, or even the opportunity to choose a gas motor with a steering wheel.

The Eldebo Electric deck boat comes with 2 pairs of li-ion batteries that give it a total energy of 3000Wh and are capable to steer through for 6-7 hours.  

Eldebo electric deck boat

This Electric boat is equipped with both 12-volt and 24-volt DC electrical systems. It features a 55 lb thrust 24 volt DC electric trolling motor, powered by four F27 series 12 V DC deep cycle batteries. The boat has complete navigation lighting and a weather-protective canopy made from a vinyl-coated cotton and polyester blend. It’s designed with bilge pumps connected via a fused circuit to pump out pontoons and avoid unnecessary weight. Notably, the ElDeBo requires careful handling of the electrical systems and specific storage conditions. For instance, batteries should be removed during extended trips and the starboard compartment must not be used as a cooler or live well. Its user manual provides comprehensive information on care, maintenance, and usage.

Eldebo Electric deck boat specs:

Range/Running time6-3 hours
Charging time12 hours
Power70 hp
Speed7.3 MPH

Eldebo Electric deck boat features:

The ElDeBo electric deck boat is equipped with a variety of utility features designed to ensure a comfortable and convenient boating experience. Here are the key features:

  1. Electric Powered: The ElDeBo deck boat is powered by an electric motor, making it environmentally friendly and quieter than gas-powered boats.
  2. Hull and Deck: The hull and deck of the boat are designed with modern marine construction principles, providing a sturdy and reliable foundation. It also includes bilge pumps to pump out the pontoons to avoid carrying unnecessary weight.
  3. Lighting: The boat is outfitted with complete navigation lighting to ensure visibility and safety during nighttime navigation. It also features courtesy lights positioned at entry points around the deck.
  4. Electrical System: The ElDeBo uses a 24 volt DC system and a 12 volt DC system, powered by at least four 12 volt DC batteries. It is advisedto use Group F27 size Marine/RV deep cycle batteries and not automotive batteries. A battery charger that operates on 110/120 AC (standard household current) is also provided.
  5. 12 Volt DC Electrical System Features: Several components on the boat are powered by 12 volt DC including navigation lights, bilge pumps, stereo radio, and courtesy lights.
  6. Radio/Tape Player: An AM/FM radio cassette player designed for marine applications is included. The electrical circuitry is protected by an in-line 3 amp fuse.
  1. Docking: Although it may require some practice, the boat is designed to be docked safely and conveniently.
  2. Maintenance: The ElDeBo’s design makes routine maintenance tasks straightforward, with easy access to necessary parts.
  3. Operation in Shallow Water: The boat’s motor is designed to operate in at least two feet of water. The system avoids areas with thick aquatic vegetation to prevent entanglement.
  4. Accessory Pack: The boat comes with an accessory pack that includes spare parts, a prop, nut, battery strap, etc.
  5. On-board Power and Recharging Systems: The boat is equipped with on-board power and recharging systems for efficient power management.
  6. Built-in Battery Charger: The ElDeBo has a built-in battery charger capable of charging four deep cycle batteries in 12 hours or less, depending on the degree of discharge.
  7. Easy-to-Follow Wiring System: The wiring system, while it may look complicated, is clearly labeled for each respective battery and whether it is positive (+) or negative (-).
  8. Control Switch: The motor is controlled by a rotary switch at the helm, offering five forward speeds and two reverse speeds.

Price and Warranty:

This is one of the most cost-effective electric deck boats available in the market. With competitive features and offerings the Eldebo electric boat is priced between $3000-$6000 and it comes with a default warranty of 2 years for the mechanical or physical default in the electric boat’s parts.

What are the benefits of buying an Electric Deck boat:

Buying an electric deck boat comes with several benefits:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Electric deck boats are powered by batteries, which means they don’t emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere, making them much more environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline-powered boats.
  2. Quiet Operation: Electric motors are significantly quieter than their gasoline counterparts. This can create a more peaceful and tranquil boating experience, without the noise and vibrations often associated with gasoline engines.
  3. Cost-Efficient: While the initial cost of electric boats might be higher, they can be cheaper to run in the long term. They don’t require fuel, and electric motors generally have fewer moving parts, which can mean less maintenance and repair costs over time.
  4. Smoother Ride: Electric motors provide a smooth and consistent power output, which can result in a smoother ride compared to traditional boats.

  1. Convenience: Electric deck boats often come with features that make boating more convenient.
  2. Safe: With no explosive fuels onboard, the risks of fires or explosions are significantly reduced compared to traditional boats.
  3. Contribution to Renewable Energy Transition: If your home or marina sources its electricity from renewable sources, using an electric boat can be part of a broader move towards a more sustainable and renewable energy-powered world.
  4. Encourages Responsible Boating: Due to their limited range compared to gas-powered boats, electric boats can encourage more responsible boating. They make users more mindful of their energy consumption and plan their trips more carefully.

Pros and cons of an Electric deck boat

Pros Cons
Environmentally Friendly Higher Initial Cost
Quiet Operation Limited Range
Cost-Efficient Longer Refuel Time
Smoother Ride Battery Lifespan
Convenience Power Limitations
Safe: No explosive fuels onboard Infrastructure: few charging stations
Contribution to Renewable Energy Transition Dependency on Weather: If solar power is used