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Top 7 Career Opportunities in Electric Vehicles

The rise of the Electric vehicle industry is inevitable and fully battery-operated vehicles are the future of the automobile industry. And we are here to talk about the Career options in electric vehicle industry and how you can be one of the most important people who made this “All Electric” dream into reality.

The change in the automobile industry is rapid. It’s so important that major companies like Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, etc. are ready to face significant losses in building their EV infrastructure and get an early mover advantage in the future of automobiles.

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The career opportunities in the EV market are booming right now and especially in professions like electrical engineering, data analytics, electronics & communication engineering, etc. There’s a huge opportunity to tap into. If electric vehicles excite you, congrats you have a pretty good future ahead.

In this article, we are gonna explore what opportunities are booming right now in the electric vehicle market and a step-by-step guide on how you can enter this field.

How different the electric and ICE vehicle industries are?

Few people have this notion that both ICE-based vehicles and electric vehicles are not too far different and an engineer working on ICE-based cars can easily shift to electric vehicles without prior knowledge or specialization.

Even asking ChatGPT about this tells that “Yes one can easily shift, without proper specialization”. But from the personal experience, I can assure you that you need to study and have the proper training to start working on electric vehicles. 

Both EVs and ICE vehicles may look very similar but they are both different in many aspects from breaking mechanisms to powertrains everything demands unique engineering and proper specialization.

Career Options in Electric Vehicle

Now we’ll see a complete list of all the career domains in electric vehicles that one can pursue. Further, in the blog post, I’ll also share the most reliable resources to learn more about the particular domain.

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  1. Electrical Engineering:

Like obviously, an electrical engineer is a must for the making of an electric vehicle from scratch. However, can’t say the same if EVs are just being assembled by importing their components. But nowadays many companies and startups are entering the electric vehicle space and they need innovation to stand out of the crowd and make something significant, an electrical engineer can assist them in making changes in some key components like motors, powertrains, battery management systems, regenerative breaking, etc. Along with just innovation electric engineers plays a key role in after service of vehicle, and their maintenance.

So, electrical engineers are the most fundamental piece in the making of an all-electric nation.

  2. Electronic engineering:

Now, this field of study is related to sensors and semiconductors. An electric vehicle is made of various sensors for breaking, battery maintenance, and a lot more. Even a small fault in any sensor can make a huge mess and can make an EV work unexpectedly. So, an electronic engineer must look into all the calibration, test sensors, maintain the sensitive equipment, look into controls, test power train, etc. Along with all the sensors the other most important component is the battery management system as it’s directly connected to the battery and maintains it for its healthy life.

  3. Automobile Designers:

You may have guessed it already but unlike ICE vehicle battery-powered vehicles uses some different concepts and one can’t just copy-paste the ICE vehicle designs into making designs for EVs.They use different weight distribution, have different sound and vibration engineering, unlike the interior of ICE-based vehicles they have bigger foot space and a larger interior, and it’s different in many more aspects. So, if you have worked in designing ICE-based vehicles and now want to design electric cars, you need to study a bit and have proper training in making EVs.

Most importantly the chases used in electric vehicles are very different from the ones used in ICE vehicles and nowadays companies are bullish on making their design more and more aerodynamically stable so automobile designers are in huge demand in the electric vehicle market.

Job opportunities on electric vehicles

  4. Mechanical engineers:

Although it may sound that electric vehicles majorly use electric engineers and electronic engineers Mechanical is one of the core areas of working on electric vehicles. Mechanical engineers hold expertise in structure design, the strength of the material, structural design, material science, and other related topics. 

An electric vehicle can use mechanical engineering in various parts like designing the battery structure, making the battery cooling system, designing chases and suspension, designing the power transmission system, making electric vehicles more aerodynamically stable, and in much more areas.

So in this booming industry if you are a mechanical engineer can have a huge career scoop.

  5. Battery Engineers;

You might not have heard of this profession but this is one of the most crucial parts of making electric vehicles. For any company making electric vehicles, battery engineers can prove to be a changer. Tesla has gained a competitive edge in the electric car market and their exceptional battery technology has played a major role in making this possible.

A battery engineer work on making the batteries safer as well as more efficient in working in extreme conditions. They are responsible for applying and testing newer battery technology to make batteries safer and more efficient.

  6. Data Analyst:

A moving electric car records a lot of data regarding its battery performance, motor performance, BMS data, driving style, etc. This data is extremely important for EV companies to analyze and test their vehicle’s performance in real life. Data Analyst comes in handy with analyzing this pile of data and driving some conclusions out of it.

Data analysis is one of the trending and high-paying jobs in recent times.

  7. AI/ML Engineer:

I don’t feel a need to talk much about the use of artificial Intelligence engineers in our life it is a continuous threat to our future. But in electric vehicles, AI can be applied in various fields like autonomous driving, BMS control, and motor performance control.

AI and ML have increasing demand in the electric vehicle field.

Job Opportunities in electric vehicle

How to get a Job in Electric Vehicles:

Getting a job is not difficult if you cross sufficient requirements and are good at your thing. Getting a job in an EV-related company follows a similar template but the approach is different. Here’s how you can get a job in the EV industry;

Step 1: Decide what industry you want to go in, you can choose what you love from the list above.

Step 2: Give your topic some time reading about it and get an idea of how they work

Step 3: Make small projects related to your field.

Step 4: Research the best companies in your field and try connecting with them for getting an idea of the work and growth opportunities

Step 5: Now that you have sufficient knowledge and projects, go on Google/Linkedin/Monster Jobs/ and other job portals to search for your job profession.

Step 6: Apply on 5-8 job listings with a good resume every day.

You will get an Interview call.

“Remember it’s not the degree, it’s the skill that matters – Experienced Job Searcher”


The electric vehicle industry is booming and you must grab this opportunity to fill the void and not get behind the world. So learning trending skills is a must and in the age of the internet and Chat GPT, you can learn anything online from the comfort of your home. 

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