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Top 10 EV Battery Startups in USA 2023


The automobile industry is currently facing huge technology shift and me claiming EV being the future of public transportation isn’t a random/bogus prediction but a well-calculated probability. The heart of this EV revolution is fueled by batteries, and if you want to catch-up with this rapidly rapidly growing E-mobility rush than you can either bacome an EV battery manufacturer or invest in the EV battery startups. 

In this article, we’re gonna see a few good EV battery makers that are doing great in every aspect and have the potential to be the face of next-generation EV battery makers.

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Criteria of selection:

At the beginning itself, I want to make this very clear that this collection is based on my personal opinion, and I compiled these names based on various factors like:

  • How unique/interesting tech. the company is using
  • Market and future potential of their batteries
  • Background of the Startup’s founder
  • Funding 
  • Partnerships

The numbering is random and no. 1 doesn’t mean to be the superior of all.

List of 10 EV battery Startups

  1. Ionblox
  3. Enevate
  4. Lyten
  5. QuantumScape
  6. Lithium Werks (Acquired by Reliance New Energy)
  7. Batron Enerji
  8. Ampcera
  9. GQenergy
  10. Allotrope Energy
  11. Nerve Smart Systems
  12. Capacitech Energy
  13. Emuron
  14. Titan Advanced Energy Solutions
  15. Factorial Energy
Top EV battery Startups

1. Ionblox:

Ionblox is an electric vehicle battery startup that seeks to revolutionize the sector by creating solid-state batteries that are safer and more effective. Ionic conductors are used in the company’s proprietary technology to increase energy density and reduce the possibility of thermal runaway. Ionblox, which was established in 2020 by a group of industry professionals, has already received sizable finance and agreements with top manufacturers. The business is well-positioned to upend the current battery market and hasten the adoption of electric automobiles.

Funding: $60.8M


One (Our Next Energy) is an energy storage business with headquarters in Michigan that focuses on creating cutting-edge battery technologies for grid applications, storage of renewable energy sources, and electric car applications. A combination of cutting-edge materials and technical methods are used in the company’s distinctive battery design to produce batteries that have a high energy density, a long cycle life, and quick charging periods. One is collaborating with numerous companies in the automotive and energy industries to market its technology after receiving sizeable funding from reputable investors. The company wants to hasten the transition to an electrified, sustainable future.

Funding: $390M

3. Enevate:

enevate ev batterty startup logo

Startup company Enevate, based in California, focuses on creating improved lithium-ion batteries with features including fast charging, high energy density, and long cycle life. With the use of silicon-dominant anodes, the company’s approach can increase energy density and enable quick charging without endangering battery life or safety. Enevate is supported by significant investors in the automotive and energy sectors and has collaborations with a number of top automakers. The business wants to make its technology widely available so that electric vehicles can be adopted on a large scale.

Funding: $190.6M

4. Lyten:

With a focus on creating high-performance, quick-charging batteries for electric vehicles and other uses, Lyten is a graphene-based energy storage startup. The technique developed by the company makes use of a unique 3D graphene structure to improve energy density, shorten charging times, and prolong battery life. The batteries made by Lyten are also intended to be safer and greener than conventional lithium-ion batteries. The business is situated in the UK and collaborates with a number of top players in the energy and automotive sectors.

Revenue: $9.9M

5. QuantumScape:

This (EV) battery firm established in California, focuses on creating solid-state batteries with ground-breaking energy densities and quick-charging capabilities. The company’s proprietary technology enables a tenfold increase in energy density compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries by utilizing a ceramic electrolyte and lithium-metal anode. Volkswagen and other notable investors support QuantumScape, and the company has alliances with GM and VW among other automakers.

Funding: $1.2B

6. Lithium Werks (Acquired by Reliance New Energy):

Lithium Werks is a Dutch energy storage business that creates and manufactures lithium-ion batteries and associated products for a variety of uses, including grid applications, storage of renewable energy sources, and electric car applications. The company creates high-performance, secure, and environmentally friendly batteries. Reliance New Energy, a division of the Indian giant Reliance Industries, purchased Lithium Werks in August 2021. The acquisition is anticipated to hasten Lithium Werks’ growth and aid in the company’s global market expansion and product offering diversification.

7. Batron Enerji

batron-enerji ev startup logo

Turkish battery producer Batron Enerji specializes in creating and manufacturing cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries for many different uses, such as electric vehicles, stationary energy storage, and backup power systems. The company creates high-performance, secure, and environmentally friendly batteries. With multiple top businesses in the automotive and energy sectors, Batron Enerji is a subsidiary of Batçim, a well-known Turkish cement and building materials firm. The business wants to dominate the global battery market and aid in the shift to a future with more environmentally friendly energy sources.

Funding: $159k

8. Factorial Energy:

A California-based energy storage firm called Factorial Energy focuses on creating cutting-edge solid-state batteries for use in electric automobiles and other products. With the help of the company’s innovative electrolyte design, high energy density, quick charging, and long cycle life are all made possible. The batteries made by Factorial Energy are also intended to be safer and greener than conventional lithium-ion batteries. The company has collaborations with several top automakers and is supported by a number of prestigious investors, such as Temasek Holdings and the Hyundai Motor Group.

Funding: $240M

9. Ampcera:


Ampcera is a materials science business with headquarters in California that focuses on creating cutting-edge solid-state electrolytes and associated materials for use in batteries and other energy storage devices. The company’s technology enables the creation of high-performance, secure, and eco-friendly batteries with uses in renewable energy storage, consumer electronics, and electric cars. Solid-state lithium-ion and lithium-sulfur batteries, among other cutting-edge battery technologies, have been created using materials from Ampcera. The business collaborates with a number of prestigious academic institutions and business partners.

Funding: $20M

10. Allotrope Energy:

A new energy storage company called Allotrope Energy is situated in Texas, USA, and it focuses on creating and marketing sophisticated compressed air energy storage (CAES) technology. With the help of the company’s technology, intermittent renewable energy sources may be balanced and grid stability increased through efficient, affordable, and long-lasting compressed air energy storage. In contrast to conventional CAES systems, Allotrope Energy’s CAES system uses a patented thermodynamic mechanism to boost energy density and efficiency.

Wrapping Up:

These are some of the interesting startups that got my eyeballs glued on their CrunchBase profile and their overall work. If you think I missed any remarkable company that deserved to be on this list please let me know in the comment section.

With such creative people working tirelessly on electric vehicle batteries, I believe the future of electric vehicles is gonna be bright. 

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