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Top 5 Solar Electric Car Making Companies in

You must be wondering, about fixing a solar panel over the top of an electric car that can charge the EV battery while we are using it. Is it an infinite charging hack, Right? Ever thought why didn’t any automobile giant launch an electric car with a solar panel over its roof? 

Well, of course, it has some disadvantages that limit us from applying solar panels to any electric car. But still, we’ve landed on the moon can’t we eliminate the limitations with a solar electric and make a solar-powered electric car? 

Well, that’s not correct, there’re many startups and small-scale companies introducing revolutionary technologies in making the most effective and reliable solar electric cars. In this blog post, we’re gonna explore the various companies working on top-notch solar electric cars.

The Rise of Solar Electric Cars

Solar electric cars are gaining traction as a promising solution for sustainable transportation. They offer several advantages: reduced reliance on grid electricity, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and high energy efficiency. The growing popularity of these cars can be attributed to increasing environmental awareness, government incentives, and technological advancements. While challenges exist, such as cost considerations and limited solar panel integration, researchers and manufacturers are actively working on solutions. Solar electric cars have the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry, contributing to a greener future.

  1. Sono Sion:

Sono Motors is a Europe-based company that is dedicated to integrating all types of vehicles with solar power. Recently the company had an 18-vehicle series-validation program where they showcased how their solar electric vehicles work in practical world conditions. The company has done outstanding work on injecting solar panels over the vehicle’s body and their super-accurate solar energy tracker software is just out-of-the-box.

Range 305km
Top Speed 140km/h
Charging time 35min
Battery Capacity 54kWh
Motor Power 120kW

    2. Lightyear 2:

A Netherland-based company Lightyear One is now making history in solar automobile technology. They have one of the longest-range solar electric vehicles on the market. The company has collaborated with industry leaders like Delloite to promote efficient commutation. According to the latest updates the company is planning to focus only on one Lightyear 2.

Range 500km
Top Speed 99mph (expected)
Charging time 55min
Battery Capacity 60kWh
Motor Power 200kW

    3. Fisker Ocean:

Fisker is a USA-based company that is into making solar electric car technology and they are pretty good at that. Fisker Ocean is one of the only AWD solar electric cars that’s available to purchase in the market. The Ocean solar electric car comes in 4 different variants that differ in features and some key specifications. They are mostly selling their electric cars in California right now but the company is definitely going to expand.

Range 360km
Top Speed 127mph
Charging time 33min
Battery Capacity 113kWh
Motor Power 468hp

    4. Stella Family:

The Stella is an Austrila based solar electric automobile technology company. The company is mainly famous for its non-conventional looking yet cool electric car, “Stella”. The car has solar panels over its roof and that’s all. Solar panels in the car are arranged in such a way that they can expand their solar exposed area and suck in more energy. Also, the car is designed in such a way that it can minimize the air drag which gives it a higher driving range. 

This Electric car is claimed to generate more electricity that it consumes.

Range 600-800km
Top Speed 120kmph
Charging time 33min
Battery Capacity 113kWh
Motor Power 468hp

    5. SunSwift Violet:

Sunswift Violet, the solar-powered electric car developed by the University of New South Wales’ Sunswift team, boasts some fascinating features. One of its most impressive attributes is its cutting-edge solar panel technology, seamlessly integrated into the car’s sleek body. These solar panels not only charge the car’s batteries but also generate surplus energy, which can be supplied back to the grid or used to power other devices. In addition, the vehicle’s lightweight design and aerodynamic shape enhance its overall efficiency, allowing it to travel long distances using minimal energy.

Range 800km
Top Speed 87mph
Charging time 2 hours
Battery Capacity NaNkWh
Motor Power NaNhp

Final Words

There was a time when we know how solar electric cars may work but upon practical execution, we were head-on with a ton of problems like extremely high air drag, very low battery density, the least advancements in the solar panel technology, and lack of market demand. Due to all such issues, we failed miserably in making an economically viable solar electric car. 

But things have changed now, we have a higher market demand, better technology, economically viable components, and the best companies which are dedicated to making a change.

Although there are a lot more companies around the world doing a great job in the solar automobile space in this blog post I’ve covered the top 5 companies that I believe doing great based on the technology they are using, team member’s backgrounds, and many other factors.

In my upcoming blog post, I’ll make content talking about more companies/startups/projects that are dedicated to revolutionizing this solar EV concept and making it practically viable.

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