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Kia’s Electric PBV Facility is Making Headlines

  • Kia and Hyundai to invest heavily in EVs and make South Koria a top contributor to the global EV economy.
  • KRW 24 Trillion to be invested till 2030
  • A grand ceremony was held in the event of making Kia opening its PBV manufacturing facility

Kia has stepped up its EV game with its factory dedicated to making electric vehicles. The company recently celebrated a grand ceremony for opening its electric vehicle manufacturing factory. Numerous high-table staff of the company joined this ceremony, the event also served a few government representatives as their guests.

Many important decisions were taken to promote the electric vehicle portfolio of Kia, here’s a glimpse of a few of them:

  • Hyundai Motor, Kia, and Hyundai MOBIS together plan to invest KRW 24 trillion in the domestic electric vehicle industry by 2030
  • Make South Korea one of the top contributors to the electric vehicle economy in the global market.
  • Making the EV space more competitive by strengthening our R&D and investing in improving the EV ecosystem.

Kia’s future plan:

Kia to invest $758M into mass production of electric vehicles in the second half of 2025. With these funds, the company will secure 99,000 acres of land, producing 1.5 lakh units to satisfy the market demand and overpower the rest of the EV makers.

The company claims that the factory will be environmentally friendly and will use the most advanced manufacturing techniques. The USP of Kia’s PBV (Purpose built vehicles) plant exists in its manufacturing plant, here’re a few highlights of its manufacturing plant:

  • The machines or workstations that make similar components used in electric vehicles will be brought together to minimize the time and energy.
  • The plant will have the least downtime, lower cost, and more production capability.
  • The layout of the plant is made specifically to manufacture electric vehicles in the most efficient manner.
  • The plant will be using a dry booth and an energy-efficient construction technique
  • AI and ML will be used in quality inspection, logo embedding, glass placement, etc.

Before making this dedicated facility for manufacturing electric vehicles Kia was making them on the same platform where they’d make ordinary ICE-based vehicles. Whereas this new facility is made specifically for making EVs, and these battery-operated vehicles will be made on a platform called “eS”, which can maneuver the platform specifically for making EVs.

Kia to show its first vehicle made in the PBV portfolio in 2025 and further in the future the company is planning to build EVs in various segments is increase the company’s electric vehicle portfolio.