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Lack of Affordable EVs in US Market May Curb EV Adoption

If you go into the mainstream electric vehicle market in the USA and ask for an affordable electric car, it can cost you nothing less than $35,000. This raises a great concern for the people who want to purchase low-cost electric cars. Right now there are very few affordable electric cars from a reputed auto company which squares us all up to the first question “Making commutation more affordable” upon which the whole EV revolution is being sold. Despite electric vehicle adoption having other positive benefits on climate change, pollution, etc. a customer is very less likely to change their behavior just because it’s good for the environment. People need more discrete reasons to accept the change like, EVs being more affordable, high acceleration, demand less servicing, making less vibration/noise, etc. But with costly electric vehicles, we are falling in the very first place only.

The least expensive electric car we had in the US was General Motors’ “Bolt EV” which cost around $26,000 and will no more be produced. Yesterday the general motor announced that they are no more be making their most affordable electric car Bolt EV and they are gonna make electric pickup trucks in the manufacturing plant instead. The MG motor didn’t give any solid reason behind this decision and this way we lost our one and only EV under $30,000.

On top of that, the most recent EV credit rules came in favor of high-end electric cars like the Tesla Model Y, Audi Q4 Etron, etc. Although, the EV credit was actually brought to support middle-class families buying their first EV. Yes, it does have regulations that filter out middle-class families perfectly but a few rules in the EV credit bill makes very few, high-end electric cars to cover in the EV credit bill.

My personal opinion:

If the government and the companies in the USA start supporting the growth of affordable electric cars it can skyrocket the growth of EV adoption and may even satisfy the goal of the EPA pollution control plan till 2030.

But didn’t they already know that? I believe they do, but they don’t want the wave of electric vehicles to satisfy with affordable electric cars, which “might be due to consumerism”. 

Nonetheless, what do you think of this, let me know in the comment below. 

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