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Ample Unveils Revolutionary 5-Minute EV Battery Swaps

  • Ample unveils revolutionary 5-minute EV battery swaps, addressing the issue of long charging times.
  • The next-gen battery swap station supports both small passenger cars and large delivery trucks.
  • The platform raises during the automated battery swap process, allowing drivers to stay in the vehicle or stretch their legs.
  • Ample’s battery swap solution saves drivers from spending excessive time at charging stations, improving efficiency.
  • Ample calls for more collaboration from electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators.

With the rapid rise in electric vehicle adoption, drivers are starting to experience longer waiting times at charging stations. However, there’s a promising alternative on the horizon. Ample, a pioneering company in the field, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution that allows drivers to swap out their depleted battery pack for a fully charged one in just five minutes.

Ample introduced its first-generation battery swap station in 2021 after seven years of secretive development. The station accommodates electric vehicles equipped with modular battery packs, which can be effortlessly replaced with fresh ones in under 10 minutes. The removed battery units are then recharged and made ready for the next customer.

Since its launch, Ample’s stations have been strategically deployed across the San Francisco Bay Area, supporting fleet partners like Uber and Sally in testing this rapid-swap solution. The company has also sought the input of last-mile delivery services to gain valuable insights into their specific requirements.

Ample acknowledges the challenges faced by fleet drivers, who can spend a significant portion of their workweek at charging stations despite efforts to electrify their fleets. Additionally, the company recognizes the lack of reliable EV charging options for urban dwellers without access to overnight charging in garages. Ample aims to address these issues with its innovative solution.

The next-generation battery swap station by Ample features an automated process where a platform raises to facilitate the battery swap. This advanced station is designed to accommodate electric vehicles of all sizes, from compact cars to larger delivery vans. During the swap, drivers and passengers can choose to stay in the vehicle or step out and take a break. In just five minutes, the vehicle’s low-charge battery modules are replaced with fully charged ones, allowing the driver to resume their journey.

Ample recently shared the experience of an Uber driver in San Francisco who covered 120 miles, picking up and dropping off passengers throughout the Bay Area before needing a battery swap. The Ample station seamlessly identified the authorized vehicle, and with the simple use of a smartphone app, the driver initiated the quick-swap process, which was completed in no time.

The battery modules utilized by Ample are domestically produced, compact, and optimized for safety. They are compatible with a wide range of modern electric vehicles. The latest stations have been redesigned for easy deployment within three days and enhanced durability to adapt to various local conditions as Ample plans for expansion. The stations are also equipped with round-the-clock remote monitoring to ensure safety and provide excellent customer support.

Ample invites electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, and municipalities to join forces in the quest for widespread electrification. With their confident approach and commitment to revolutionizing the charging experience, Ample is leading the charge toward a cleaner and more efficient future. Watch the video below for more information.