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Rivian Acquires EV Trip Planning Startup Iterno

  • Rivian acquires ABRP, revolutionizing EV trip planning.
  • Integration of ABRP technology enhances convenience for Rivian drivers.
  • Seamlessly plan trips from home to vehicle with Rivian’s upcoming release.
  • Personalized trip preferences empower Rivian owners to tailor their journeys.
  • Rivian and ABRP’s collaboration shapes the future of EV trip planning.

Rivian Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIVN) has acquired Lund-based startup Iternio, renowned for developing the highly popular EV trip planning app ‘A Better Routeplanner’ (ABRP). With a substantial user base across North America and Europe, ABRP has revolutionized the way electric vehicle (EV) drivers plan their journeys. This strategic acquisition will allow Rivian to integrate ABRP’s cutting-edge technology into its navigation system and mobile app, amplifying the EV trip-planning experience. As a result, Rivian is poised to lead the innovation frontier and offer unparalleled convenience to EV drivers.

Enhancing EV Trip Planning with ABRP

Under the acquisition, Rivian plans to retain ABRP as a standalone app while infusing its technology into its own navigation system and mobile app. This integration aims to enhance the EV trip planning process for Rivian users and raise the bar for the entire EV industry. By leveraging ABRP’s expertise, Rivian aims to provide drivers with the confidence to plan their next adventure seamlessly.

Seamless Planning from Home to Vehicle

Rivian’s upcoming release will empower owners to plan their routes effortlessly, right from the comfort of their homes. The integration of ABRP will enable users to create detailed trips through the Rivian mobile app. This revolutionary feature allows Rivian owners to chart out their journey and conveniently send it directly to their vehicle’s navigation system. With this advancement, Rivian empowers its users with a seamless planning experience that enhances convenience and elevates EV ownership. 

Tailoring Trips to Individual Preferences

Rivian, now backed by ABRP’s technology, is set to introduce a range of trip preferences to further customize the EV journey. This includes options to select preferred charging networks and desired range upon arrival. Rivian drivers can rest assured that they will not only reach their destination but also have sufficient charge to explore the surroundings upon arrival. This personalized approach ensures a remarkable travel experience, removing any concerns about charging availability and enabling EV drivers to embrace the spirit of adventure.

Rivian’s Vision for the Future

RJ Scaringe, the visionary Founder, and CEO of Rivian, emphasizes the significance of ABRP in driving EV adoption. He recognizes ABRP’s position as a leader in EV trip planning and affirms the company’s commitment to keeping the platform open for all. Rivian aims to integrate ABRP’s capabilities into their forthcoming trip planning release, empowering Rivian drivers with detailed trip planning that encompasses key aspects of EV ownership. Users will have the ability to plan charging times, durations, and desired range adjustments upon arrival. Furthermore, Rivian plans to utilize the valuable insights provided by ABRP regarding insufficient reliable charging infrastructure to strategically prioritize the development of its Rivian Adventure Network.

Collaboration and Excitement

Wassym Bensaid, the Senior Vice President of Software Development at Rivian, acknowledges the profound dedication of the Iternio team to sustainability and the EV community. He expresses his delight in welcoming them to the Rivian family. Bensaid praises the unmatched quality of ABRP’s routing algorithm, emphasizing the importance of a fully integrated navigation experience in boosting driver confidence and convenience, particularly for longer journeys. Rivian aims to engage actively with ABRP’s community, fostering collaboration and gathering insights to shape the future of EV trip planning. Exciting upcoming features are already in the works for both Rivian and ABRP, promising an exceptional experience for all EV drivers and brands.

The Adventurous Future

Bo Lincoln, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Iternio, reflects on the journey of Iternio and the shared vision they have with Rivian. Lincoln expresses their initial motivation behind Iternio, which was to empower EV owners to plan their trips without the burden of charging concerns. The acquisition by Rivian means that ABRP’s software will now enable Rivian owners to plan their journeys like never before. Lincoln affirms the continued importance of ABRP as an essential tool for existing and future EV drivers, as well as for all brands and charger networks. The Iternio team is thrilled to join forces with Rivian and eagerly anticipates playing a pivotal role in this exciting adventure.


The acquisition of Iternio by Rivian marks a significant milestone in the EV industry. Rivian’s integration of ABRP’s innovative trip planning technology into their navigation system and mobile app showcases their commitment to revolutionizing the EV driving experience. With the ability to plan trips seamlessly, customize preferences, and ensure reliable charging, Rivian drivers can embark on journeys with confidence. By embracing collaboration and prioritizing user convenience, Rivian is poised to lead the way in innovation and shape the future of EV trip planning. As EV adoption continues to grow, Rivian’s acquisition of Iternio positions them as a pioneering force in enhancing the convenience and reliability of EV travel. Get ready to explore new destinations and experience the thrill of EV adventures like never before with Rivian and ABRP leading the way.